An eBook reader – also known as an eReader - is a portable, hand-held device that can store thousands of different books in electronic format, known as an eBooks. Titles can be purchased and downloaded online. A tablet PC offers extreme portability with the features of a laptop, netbook or desktop computer. Our articles aim to help you understand eBook readers and tablets, so you can buy and enjoy the one that suits you best.

    • Buying Guide: eBook Readers

      Buying Guide: eBook Readers

      An eBook reader is a portable hand-held device that gives you access to thousands of books which you can download from the Internet. This buying guide breaks down the features of e-Book readers and helps you choose which eReader to buy.

    • Buying Guide: ForwardIT - Explore Your Online World

      Buying Guide: ForwardIT - Explore Your Online World

      Harvey Norman brings to you ForwardIT - a website initiative from the South Australian government aiming to educate consumers about technology.

    • Buying Guide: Microsoft Office

      Buying Guide: Microsoft Office

      Discover the latest innovations and features from the latest version of Microsoft Office. Using your applications has never been easier thanks to the new Office user-friendly interface. Experience supreme compatibility with all of your devices, from phones to tablets to desktops.
    • Buying Guide: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

      Buying Guide: Microsoft Surface Pro 3

      Lighter, faster, thinner and more powerful than its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a device that pushes the boundaries of conventional tablets. At Harvey Norman you will find a fantastic of selection of both the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Microsoft Surface 2.

    • Buying Guide: Tablets

      Buying Guide: Tablets

      Smaller than a notebook but bigger than a smartphone, a tablet is compact enough to carry around. And with mobile connectivity, tablet computers combine performance and portability. Learn about iPad, Android and Windows tablets, plus more.  

    • Buying Guide: Windows 8.1

      Buying Guide: Windows 8.1

      Peruse the Windows 8.1 buying guide and discover a whole raft of exciting innovations and familiar features executed with even more panache than before. The wonderfully user-friendly interface of Windows 8.1 makes the transition from Windows 8 and other operating systems a breeze.
    • Buying Guide: Windows 8.1 - Whats New?

      Buying Guide: Windows 8.1 - Whats New?

      With an easy-to-use, reliable and beautiful layout, Windows 8.1 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Learn more about handy functions and why you should upgrade to Windows 8.1 today.

    • Compare Microsoft Surface

      Compare Microsoft Surface

      The future of tablets is here today in the shape of the Microsoft Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3. Online at Harvey Norman you will find the best tablets to buy, the only thing you have to decide is whether you want the Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 or the latest Surface Pro 3 and 32GB of storage or 64GB.