Reproduce your work perfectly every time using a quality inkjet or laser multifunction printer with scanner. Maximise your Internet connection, link multiple devices and get rid of messy cables by setting up a wireless network. Mobile broadband allows you quick and easy access to the Internet at home or on the go. Read our buying guides to learn more about all things printing and networking.

    • Buying Guide: Home Wireless Networking

      Buying Guide: Home Wireless Networking

      A secure wireless network makes sharing files between computers and devices (like a printer or iPhone) easy. Wifi lets you surf the Net using a modem and router, without messy cables. We look at how Wi-Fi works and the gear you'll need.

    • Buying Guide: How To Set Up A Home Office

      Buying Guide: How To Set Up A Home Office

      Setting up a home office can improve your small business' productivity. We help you: choose the right laptop or desktop computer; set up a wireless network with router and modem; pick essential software like anti-virus security; and more.

    • Buying Guide: Mobile Broadband

      Buying Guide: Mobile Broadband

      Mobile broadband offers the convenience of a portable, wireless high-speed Internet connection for your laptop or netbook. This guide explains how it works and breaks down everything you'll need to access the Net while you're on the move.