Discover the features of the latest appliances around the kitchen, such as ovens, freestanding cookers, cooktops and rangehoods, as well as fridges, freezers and wine cabinets. Our educational guides will arm you with the knowledge you require to make an informed decision about which appliances to buy and how to best utilise the technology around your kitchen to complement your lifestyle.

    • Buying Guide: Cooktops

      Buying Guide: Cooktops

      Are you looking for a cooktop but don't know whether gas, electric or induction cooktops best suit your needs? Our buying guide helps break down your choices and the advantages of each when looking to buy a new cooktop for your kitchen.

    • Buying Guide: Dishwashers

      Buying Guide: Dishwashers

      Dishwashers save you the time and labour of washing up. Regardless of the size of your kitchen or family, there is a dishwasher to suit your needs. We look at different dishwasher types and outline the features to consider when buying.

    • Buying Guide: Freezers

      Buying Guide: Freezers

      If you have a large family or entertain at home, consider a freezer in addition to your fridge. Freezers, including upright (vertical) or chest freezers, keep food frozen and fresh. We outline what to consider when purchasing a freezer.

    • Buying Guide: Fridges

      Buying Guide: Fridges

      Fridges have come along since days of "freezer at the top, fridge down the bottom." Today, there's a refrigerator — like fridge freezers and bar fridge — to suit everyone. Our guide compares types and outlines what to consider.

    • Buying Guide: Induction vs Ceramic Cooktops

      Buying Guide: Induction vs Ceramic Cooktops

      An electric cooktop that's separate to your oven allows the flexibility to manage kitchen space better. Which of these cooktops should you buy: induction or ceramic? Our buying guide outlines the various features and functions of each.

    • Buying Guide: Microwave Ovens

      Buying Guide: Microwave Ovens

      An essential part of modern kitchens, microwaves are convenient, easy to use, and save you time. This guide outlines the key features you should consider when looking to compare and buy either a convection or conventional microwave oven.

    • Buying Guide: Ovens

      Buying Guide: Ovens

      Factors to consider when buying a new oven include: gas versus electric, and freestanding versus built-in. If you're cooking for one or an entire family, it's important to compare ovens that suit your cooking style, kitchen and budget.

    • Buying Guide: Rangehoods

      Buying Guide: Rangehoods

      Rangehoods can be a stylish addition to any kitchen, keeping your home smelling fresh, too. With lots of styles to choose from, which of the range hoods is right for you? Our buying guide explains what to consider when buying a rangehood.

    • Buying Guide: Wine Fridges

      Buying Guide: Wine Fridges

      Wine fridges are refrigerators specifically designed for storing wine bottles long-term. This guide will discuss the reasons for choosing a wine cabinet to store your wine in, as well as outline some of the extra features to look for.