Our articles will help you understand high definition television and how to decide between a plasma, LCD or LED LCD and 3D TV, or even home theatre projectors. A Personal Video Recorder (PVR) allows you to control how you watch digital HD television. Pause and rewind live TV; watch two channels simultaneously using Picture-in-Picture; record two programs at once, or watch one while recording another on the built-in hard drive.

    • Buying Guide: 3D TV

      Buying Guide: 3D TV

      Experience a new dimension in television with 3D TV, a revolution in high definition home entertainment. Watch films, view sports or play video games on LED LCD and plasma 3D televisions. Here's what you need to know about 3DTV.

    • Buying Guide: High Definition

      Buying Guide: High Definition

      A High Definition LCD, LED LCD or plasma TV delivers brilliant pictures, but vision is only half the HD equation. High-def surround sound transforms the entertainment experience, creating the ultimate home theatre in your own living room.

    • Buying Guide: Home Theatre Projectors

      Buying Guide: Home Theatre Projectors

      A data projector connects to the same devices as a TV, display crystal clear images, plus has the added advantage of portability. Learn about the differences between home theatre projectors and TVs, as well as features to look out for.

    • Buying Guide: Televisions

      Buying Guide: Televisions

      Buying a new flat screen TV can be a daunting task, especially with all the talk of High Definition, LCD, LED, plasma and 1080p. We look at important factors to consider when buying a digital television and explained them in simple terms.

    • Buying Guide: TVs For Sports Fans

      Buying Guide: TVs For Sports Fans

      Sporting events are increasingly being broadcast in High Definition and surround sound. Whether it's an LCD, LED LCD or plasma TV, we explain how to pick the right television for watching sport, so you can get in the middle of the action.

    • Buying Guide: Watch The Web On Your TV

      Buying Guide: Watch The Web On Your TV

      Today's televisions are true multimedia devices with the ability to watch an ever-growing range of web-based content on widescreen, in high definition. This article explains how to bring Internet content to your LCD, LED LCD or plasma TV.