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Self-tracking technology delivers the personal data to put you in greater control of your health and performance – after all, knowledge is power. Harvey Norman has an extensive range of Connected Fitness and Health products that can help you get the most out of your training routine.

Harness the power of the latest gadgets to stay on top of your game. Harvey Norman offers a one-stop shop for health monitoring products, fitness and activity trackers, GPS watches and handhelds, and more to maximise your fitness regime – train smarter, faster and longer.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be at breakneck intensity, though. Don’t underestimate the benefits of taking a brisk walk. Check out some of these facts and figures: 

  • 23% of Australians regularly walk for exercise. 
  • Connected Health & Fitness (woman on treadmill)Walking frequently can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, plus cut your risk of heart disease.
  • Research in Taiwan of 400,000 people found that walking just 15 minutes a day can help extend your life expectancy.
  • That same 15-minute walk at a reasonably fast pace can burn more than 250 kilojoules and help get you into shape.  
  • You decrease the risk of a stroke by 43% if you walk 3.5 hours a week.
  • Want to keep your brain razor-sharp? A recent study published in the medical journal Neurology stated that walking just 10km a week reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s by 50% over the course of five years.
  • Recording your personal metrics can help improve your overall wellbeing. People who keep track of their goals and document their progress are better equipped to make healthy behaviours a habit, note studies from the International Journal of Obesity.
  • According to a UK study, volunteers took 1500 extra steps per day after starting to wear a pedometer.  

Harvey Norman has an extensive range of Connected Health devices to help get you walking, running or riding towards your goals – keep on moving!


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