The Sun-Herald City2Surf – 14 Tips To Make It A “Fun Run”

It’s the annual road race from Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD to the iconic Bondi Beach, attracting tens of thousands of people from all walks of life. The Sun-Herald City2Surf is truly a community event, bringing together serious runners competing to break a previous time, casual walkers looking to have a good time and everyone in between.   

So, whether you’re aiming for a “personal best”, raising money for charity or simply enjoying a spot of exercise with friends, here are 14 tips — one for every kilometre of the course — for when participating on Sunday 11th August, 2013:

  1. City2Surf finish lineFor energy, eat plenty of carb-rich foods like rice and pasta the night before the City2Surf. On the Sunday morning, make sure you have breakfast at least two-to-three hours prior to the race.
  2. If your running shoes are new, make sure you do a few kilometres before race day to break them in– blisters are not fun! Pedometers are ideal for tracking how many kays you rack up.
  3. Check out Harvey Norman and its range of fitness equipment, whether you’re into running, or even cycling, golf, swimming and water sports.
  4. Get lots of rest and plenty of sleep the day before. Don’t forget to set the alarm clock, Sleepyhead.
  5. Even though it’s winter, make sure you wear a hat, sunnies and sunscreen.
  6. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water the day and night before the race. However, don’t drink too much in the hour or two before the race starts.
  7. Go to the – ahem! – toilet BEFORE the race. You do NOT want nature calling in the middle of a race amongst thousands of people.
  8. Fifteen minutes before the start of the race, warm up your muscles. Go for a little jog to get the blood flowing before you stretch.
  9. Set a goal, whether it’s beating a previous time (sports and running watches keep tabs on performance) or simply finishing the course.
  10. Run your own race and pace yourself, regardless of how fast or slow others around you are going. Don’t go too hard early on and run out of puff — or worse, injure yourself — before the finish line.
  11. Stay positive and focussed; an inspirational playlist on your iPod can help you get through the mental “wall”. The classic ‘80s song Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor is an automatic inclusion.
  12. Don’t burn yourself out before the halfway mark and the infamous Heartbreak Hill, from Rose Bay to Vaucluse, which continues for two kilometres. Heart rate monitors are a convenient way of keeping an eye on your vital stats.
  13. Be sure to warm down and stretch after the race – this reduces the risk of muscular soreness.
  14. Most importantly, have a great time! Enjoy the sense of community, the spectacular views of Sydney, the feeling of achievement… It is a “fun run”, after all.