Beat the Heat with Iced Coffee

It’s mid-afternoon, the temperature has tipped 30 deg and you’re desperate for that coffee hit. Problem is the thought of a hot Cappuccino, Flat White or Latte is enough to send you running in the opposite direction of the coffee cart.

Consider your problems solved and beat the heat (and afternoon slump) with some of our favourite iced coffee concoctions! These recipes are great irrespective of your coffee source: instant, coffee pod or percolated.

The Almost Unadulterated Iced Coffee:

You don’t want sugar in your hot coffee, so why force it on your iced alternative?

2 shots                     Espresso (60ml)

5 cubes                    Ice

½ cup                       Milk

Pour your espresso shots into a tall glass filled with the ice cubes. Top the glass up with milk, give it a twirl and you’re ready to sip.

If you would prefer this as a frappe, follow the above instructions, add the mix to a blender and blitz until the ice is finely crushed. If you’re worried about watery iced coffee, check out our coffee ice cube solution below…



Ice, Ice Baby:

Over compensated making coffee? Don’t waste it, freeze it and avoid diluting future iced coffee!



Flavoured Syrup


Pour cooled coffee* into an ice cube tray and let freeze. Pop the ice cubes into a freshly brewed cup of coffee and enjoy this chilled treat without worrying about watering it down.

* You could add sugar, syrups or creamer while coffee is still hot.


Image: Kitchen Treaty

South East Asian (Coffee) Escape:

This sweet, Vietnamese iced coffee will help you escape the heat.

3 Tbsp                     Sweet and Condensed Milk

1 cup                       Long Black

5 cubes                    Ice

Spoon the Sweet and Condensed Milk into your glass. Pour your hot long black over the syrup, mixing well. Top with ice cubes, stir and serve.


Image: Ducson N.

For the Coffee Nut:

Go nuts over this chilled Mocha.

3 Tsp                       Nutella

2 Shots                    Espresso

5 cubes                    Ice

½ cup                       Milk

Spoon the Nutella into your glass and pour your hot espresso over the spread. Mixing vigorously and slowly adding the milk, mix until you have reached the right consistency. Top with ice cubes and serve. This could also be blended into an epic frappe!


Image: Bellalimento

Bit of a Nip:

Need more than just a coffee buzz? Cocktail hour comes early.

2 shot                      Espresso

1 shot                      Liqueur (Kahlua, Baileys, Frangelico, etc)

5 cubes                    Ice

½ cup                       Milk

Fill a tall glass with ice and pour coffee and liqueur over the ice. Top up the glass with milk and stir well.


Image: Kahlua 

A Few of My Favourite Things:

Hedonism in a glass: Booze. Coffee. Ice Cream.

2 scoops                 Vanilla Ice cream

1 shot                      Espresso

1 shot                      Liqueur (Kahlua, Frangelico, etc)

Scoop, pour and indulge!

Image: Carrie

Vanilla Bean Ice Coffee:

It’s healthy, it contains bean…

2 Shots                   Espresso

2 scoop                   Vanilla Soy Ice Cream

½ cup                      Vanilla flavoured Soy Milk

Scoop ice cream into a cup and pour cooled* espresso over the top. Top up glass with Vanilla soy milk and stir to combine.

*Coffee must be cooled before adding soy milk. Heat can cause it to separate.


Image: Williams – Sanoma

Don’t sweat it this summer, just remember to refill the ice cube tray and try some of our favourite iced coffee recipes.