Gourmet Institute “Pies and Tarts” with Philippa Sibley

Philippa Sibley has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s best dessert and pastry chefs. At the Harvey Norman Chadstone store on Wednesday 3rd July 2013, the “pastry maestro” took the audience on an entertaining and educational journey with her Gourmet Institute “Pies and Tarts” master class. We sweet-talked our way into getting a few moments with Philippa on the night and served up a few questions to her:


Gourmet Institute “Pies and Tarts” with Philippa Sibley

Who and what sparked your passion for baking desserts?

My Mum, she is an amazing cook. The other influence was Michel Roux. And the fact that I felt the dessert section was always overlooked when I started working in restaurants.


Is your cooking influenced by any cultures in particular?

French, of course! The French cuisine is the best at patisserie and boulangerie. I spent time in France early in my career and that was where I started to focus my skills on dessert and pastry.


Are freshly made pies and tarts a regular occurrence in your household?
No, it’s usually just a cup of tea and toast at home, but twice a day we bake at Albert St Food & Wine (Philippa is Executive Chef at the Brunswick-based eatery). Also, I always try and work a tart or pie into my menu for any special events we host at Albert St.


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