The Great Australian Barbecue

The backyard barbeque is a great Aussie tradition, with its winning combination of delicious grub, ice cold bevvies and great mates. If you’re keen as mustard to host a “bonza” BBQ for your family, friends and neighbours, here are a few sure-fire tips to guarantee that the only grilling will be over the Beefeater.


Here’s how to throw a “you beaut” Aussie barbie. First, let’s set the scene:

  • While the humble barbecue still has its place in an Aussie backyard, there’s a trend towards the outdoor kitchen and with good reason. Everything you need – built-in BBQ, outdoor rangehood, plumbed-in sink etc – is in one place so you don’t need to run in and out of the house like a madman.
  • Create an inspired outdoor dining and lounge area with style outdoor furniture. Make sure there’s enough seating – and tables – for your guests to lounge and eat comfortably.
  • The summer sun in Australia can be harsh, so provide plenty of shade for your guests with with a tarpaulin or outdoor umbrella.
  • Repel mozzies and other pesky insects with good ol’ Aerogard and citronella candles strategically placed around the barbecue area.
  • Groovy tunes set the mood, so ensure there’s an upbeat summer playlist. An iPod and iPod dock are perfect for outdoor occasions like a barbie.


And now for the grub:

  • We Australians are blessed with amazing local meat and produce, so take advantage of all this delicious food.
  • Steaks, sausages and burgers – cooked on a low heat so they’re nice and juicy – are the staple of a good BBQ. Marinaded chicken on the barbecue is tasty, as is seafood, so by all means feel free to throw another shrimp on the barbie.
  • Bread rolls? Check. Onions? Check. Tomato and BBQ sauce? Check, check. All these are a must for the classic sausage sanger.
  • For the herbivores, serve up vegetarian burgers, kebabs with fresh vegetables and grilled Greek haloumi cheese (here’s a tip: cook the vegetarian food first, so it’s not tainted with meat). Of course, a big garden salad and potato salad won’t go to waste, either.
  • Beer and wine is standard fare, but a tropical punch (like sangria) is a great summer beverage. Don’t forget soft drink, juice and bottled water for the designated drivers and (gasp!) teetotallers.
  • Dessert is extra-yummy done on the BBQ. Certain fruits are great skewered and grilled, such as pineapple, banana and strawberries. Served with vanilla ice-cream, these make a light and yummy dessert to follow the barbequed feast.
  • Stock up on paper plates, napkins, cups and cutlery — who the heck wants to be washing up? It’s un-Australian, mate!


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3 thoughts on “The Great Australian Barbecue

  1. I’d also suggest falafel. Awesome on a bbq and dead easy to put together. Put them alongside a meat burger for something a bit different.

  2. Fish! Crisping up the skin on a nice piece of salmon on the bbq before wrapping it in foil to finish it off. Delicious!

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