These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things… About Easter!

Sure, Easter has much spiritual and familial significance for many folks, but it’s hard to go past the chocolate, show-bags, “looong” weekend… did we mention the chocolate?  


  • Easter Bunny – It’s the cute little critter that hops into town at the same time every year to deliver chocolate eggs. In a decidedly Aussie twist, the Easter Bilby is responsible for transporting these delicious ovoids Down Under. Oh, and don’t forget to leave out a snack for these furry friends.
  • The Royal Easter Show – For the young and young at heart, “The Show” — as it’s affectionately known — is an institution. The animals, the rides, the carnival food and, of course, the show-bags… it’s not Easter for Sydneysiders unless they’ve been to The Royal Easter Show.Easter Eggs
  • Easter Eggs – Really, what is Easter without the choccie eggs? There’s milk chocolate eggs, white chocolate eggs, chocolate eggs oozing with cream, mousse or Smarties… we love them all! Then you have the hard-boiled Easter eggs, dyed and hand-painted in wonderful colours and patterns.
  • Extra-long Weekend – Four straight days off from work, just because it’s Easter? Bring it on, Ding Dong! Just a word of warning: being a public holiday, it’s a double demerit points weekend, so don’t do anything stupid on the roads or you’ll be feeling like twice the idiot.
  • Easter Hat Parade – Kids and their parents put their millinery skills to the test in creating Easter-inspired headwear for the annual school parade. Cardboard? Check. Scissors? Check. Glue? Check. Glitter? Check. Let’s get crafty!
  • Hot Cross Buns – Sweet, spicy and filled with raisins (or currants, if that’s how you roll), these doughy delights are absolutely more-ish. In Australia, we also have the choice of coffee- and chocolate-flavoured hot cross buns – mmm, choc chips!
  • Easter Egg Hunt – It’s a heap of fun rifling through the house, inside and out, trying to locate strategically-hidden Easter eggs. During this most gluttonous of holidays, it’s perhaps the only spot of exercise you’ll get.


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  1. What about cheezy movies on TV? Used to be the only time you’d ever get to see Ben Hur, The Goonies, or Star Wars. Movies on demand killed the excitement of movies finally being on TV.

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