Making Quick Work of Window Cleaning with Karcher

Let me set the scene for you. It’s 7:30am on a Saturday morning in the outer western suburbs of Sydney. Instead of enjoying a hard-earned sleep-in I’m up with the sparrows to clean my windows before I melt in the sun. You see, the weather forecast was for a record-breaking 46.9°C – the hottest February day on record for my suburb (so not that big a deal really).

Knowing that my windows hadn’t been properly cleaned for close to two years, it made sense to get up early and have plenty of time to get the job done before the hottest part of the day arrived. Picking up the Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner, I got to work. In just a few minutes I realised I could have hit the snooze button…. a couple of times.

The reason why I hadn’t cleaned my windows for such a long time was that it normally was a long and laborious task. My usual method felt antiquated and inconvenient:

Hose down the windows.
Get a bucket of soapy water and wash the windows using a microfibre cloth.
Wipe off with a squeegee-on-a-stick.
Move to the next window and repeat.
There’s got to be a better way to get the job done, right?

Behold, the Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vac – it’s a complete window cleaning kit and the solution to a problem I’d forgotten I had!   Karcher-WV2-Plus-Window-Vacuum-Cleaner

Genius-like in its simplicity, the whole concept of an electric window cleaner that vacuums as it cleans was a revelation to me.

Of the two main components in the box, the first in the cleaning process is the spray bottle. Beyond simply dispensing the cleaning solution, it also has an attachable microfibre cloth so I could simply spray and swish away to work off any dirt or grime on my windows. It’s a very quick and easy process.

The second main component is the window vac, which is seriously fast and super handy. The combination of wiping and vacuuming action streamlines the cleaning process so well it becomes effortless. I just turned the vacuum function on and worked the squeegee in a downwards motion from the top of the window to the bottom. The vacuuming action picks up any moisture so that the window dries as the squeegee cleans the surface, leaving no streaks, drips or residue behind. The dirty water is collected into a tank inside the vac which is easily emptied by just pouring it out – avoiding any direct contact with the grime and making the whole process much more hygienic. No touching means no gloves needed.




The window vac is cordless and rechargeable, taking a couple of hours to charge and enough run time to clean up to 75m² of windows – so I could have cleaned halfway down the block if I was feeling neighbourly.

To get the biggest job out of the way first, I decided to start with the glass sliding doors at the back of my house. I was expecting the process to take a while, but it only took a matter of minutes. Just spray, wipe then squeegee/vacuum.


My windows, before and after cleaning.


I was thoroughly impressed – both with how quick and easy it was to clean the windows, and how sparkling clean they looked. Once I’d finished the windows on the rear side of my house I quickly ducked around to clean the windows on the front. After cleaning half of the windows I popped back inside to get a quick comparison photo. As you can see below, the results are immediately evident – a transformation from drab to fab.




The Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vacuum Cleaner isn’t just for windows though – it can be used for cleaning other glass surfaces such as mirrors, shower screens, display cabinets, kitchen splashbacks and even tiles. So with this versatility in mind I moved on to do some cleaning in my bathroom.


As you can see from the photo above, my shower screen wasn’t exactly clean and clear. Thanks to a couple of minutes of work from the Karcher window vac, it was soon looking spotless.


As you can see from the ‘after’ photo above, you’d hardly know the shower screen was even there at all. No streaks, no residue, no hard work required. I even cleaned the wall tiles in the shower while I was at it.


The next day I had a little accident in the kitchen when I came home from picking up some groceries. I knocked a jar of pasta sauce off the kitchen counter, leaving red sauce all over my white tiles. I’ll spare you the grisly crime-scene-like photos in this case, but I sure was glad that I had the Karcher Window Vac still with me as it can help clean up liquid spills from any flat surface – sucking up the mess in next to no time.



Based on how versatile it is, how easy it is to use and the quality of the cleaning results, I can see the Karcher WV2 Plus quickly becoming an essential cleaning tool in my home. By removing most of the time and effort required, getting these chores done felt much less like a burden and more like a productive endeavour. I could have had that sleep in after all!

If you’d like to add the best window squeegee – the Karcher – to your cleaning arsenal at home, you can either head down to your local Harvey Norman store where the friendly staff can sort you out, or simply pick one up online.