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Oh My Bosch! | Bosch Athlet Ultimate Handstick Vacuum Review

Household chores always seem to create a vacuum in my weekend. If you’re anything like me, you don’t look forward to a torturous Saturday spent cleaning. Being a meticulous sort, if I start something, it has to be completed in the whole sense of the word and making my floors pristine in a short space of time has always been impossible. Well that was until Harvey Norman introduced me to the Bosch Athlet Ultimate Handstick Vacuum.


Bosch Athlet Ultimate Experience: Power Up

With the Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology Battery ready to go, I fire up the Bosch Athlet Ultimate and I’m immediately impressed. The Athlet Ultimate is so powerful, the handstick vacuum instantly grips the floor while the Allfloor HighPower Brush promptly gets to work attacking all things dirt and dust. I cruise the lounge room carpet, creating a trail of cleanliness with every movement. Even the annoying bits of thread, intertwined with the carpet fibres that I would normally have to pick up by hand, are no match for the Athlet Ultimate. Manoeuvring the Bosch Athlet Ultimate Handstick Vacuum is simple too. Thanks to the easy swivel head, even our youngest daughter can take over.

Our writer's daughter vacuuming with the Bosch Athlet Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner.

Wall trims, under the dining table, the office chair and the coffee table are no longer obstacles; the Athlet Ultimate dives, ducks and weaves around them all without losing suction. Minutes later, standing in my fairly standard size lounge room, I am astounded by the life that has been brought back into the carpet. Now for the kitchen…

Ultimate Transition

The Bosch Athlet Ultimate makes crossing the border between the living area and the kitchen so easy. Amazingly, I don’t need to flick a switch or push a tab to release a hardfloor brush, as the AllFloor High Power Brush seamlessly transitions from carpet to tile without missing a beat.

Our daughter baked scones for breakfast earlier, not the most nutritious start to the day but yummy none-the-less. Like every activity involving children, the mess almost overshadowed her culinary efforts. Flour now sits like snow on the kitchen floor.

Using the Bosch Athlet Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner to clean flour off the kitchen floor.

The Bosch Athlet Ultimate glides through the powder, leaving no trace behind. Normally, you would expect some cloud formations permeating from the vacuum’s vents, especially when there is flour involved, but the signature Cartridge Filter with a Pure Air membrane and a Hygienic Filter work incredibly well to keep the exhaust air clean and free of airborne particles.

The Bosch Athlet Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner features a Cartridge Filter with a Pure Air membrane and a Hygienic Filter.

Now the kitchen and lounge room exposed floors are completely dirt and dust free, it’s time to hit the kids’ room…

Getting Attached

Our two children, while actually being pretty good kids, have a fair bit of clutter in their bedroom. This usually makes vacuuming a bit of a stop-start affair. I see this as an opportunity to utilise the Athlet Ultimate’s Professional Accessory Kit. In a simple two-step process, I set about transforming the Athlet Ultimate from a Handstick Vacuum to a back-strapped cordless vacuum. Step one is to swap the AllFloor High Power Brush head with the Attachment Suction Hose and easy fit Attachment Upholstery Nozzle.

Bosch Athlet Ultimate vacuum cleaner accessories.

For step two, I attach the strap to the Adaptor with Integrated Power Switch, instantly turning my powerful Handstick Vacuum into a more mobile, equally powerful, freewheeling sucking machine. I feel like Bill Murray in the 1980’s hit ‘Ghostbusters’ as I embark on a journey through the room full of twists and turns with the Athlet Ultimate strapped to my back.

The upholstery nozzle is lined with microfibre, allowing an easy-slide movement across any surface. While I ensure I’m concentrating on floors, chairs, and skirtings with the extra-long Crevice Nozzle, I also take the opportunity to freshen up the 100s of stuffed animals strategically placed around the room. I smile to myself reflecting on the job I’m doing. I remove dust and dirt from all the stuffed toys, the curtains, the windowsill and the floor. The kids’ room has never looked and felt better. Two rooms down in less than 20 minutes. Off to the master bedroom…

Sensing the End

Normally, at this point I would have to unplug and re-plug the power cord to transfer from room to room – but not with the Athlet Ultimate. I bound into the bedroom with a sense of accomplishment and a keenness to do more. I do things in reverse this time, starting with the edges and window trims before making short work of the floor.

In under an hour I’ve managed to vacuum the lounge room, dining area, kitchen, hallway, two bedrooms, all skirtings, curtains, and even the stuffed toy collection – and given the Bosch Athlet Ultimate has up to 75 minutes runtime, there’s still plenty of battery life remaining! The fact that the Athlet Ultimate has been consistently generating the same amount of power as it did when I started cleaning the house is a sure sign the Bosch lithium-Ion battery is doing its thing.

The Bosch Athlet Ultimate Vacuum Cleaner features SensorBagless Technology.

So, with the house clean and plenty of juice left in both the Ultimate Athlet and my own personal tank, I decide to get stuck into the car as well. As I give it a thorough clean, the Unique SensorBagless™ Technology continues to monitor the air-flow throughout the vacuum, alerting me when the bagless dust container is finally full (it will also alert you when the filter needs cleaning).

The container detaches with ease. I empty the dust and dirt into the bin before reattaching the dust container just as easily as removing it. I take a moment to admire the job the Bosch Athlet Ultimate 32.4V Handstick Vacuum and I have just completed. The car looks and feels fresh, the house appears brighter, and our daughter’s stuffed toys are fluffier than ever! I can happily say that the Bosch Athlet Ultimate is easily one of the best Handstick vacuums I have used.

The Bosch Athlet Ultimate features lithium-ion battery.

With this weekend’s cleaning session now at its conclusion, it’s time to pack the Athlet Ultimate away. The self standing, slim-lined design of the Athlet Ultimate allows storage in my linen cupboard, taking pride and place next to the ironing board.


Where Can I Buy The Bosch Athlet Ultimate?

If you’re anything like me, the Bosch Athlet Ultimate Handstick Vacuum will have you no longer dreading the weekend clean! To get your hands on this amazing vacuum, shop it online or head into your local Harvey Norman store where our friendly, expert staff can help you test it out for yourself today.


Bosch Athlet Ultimate Handstick Vacuum

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