Ariarne Titmus with a cup of coffee in hand.

Ariarne Titmus talks Coffee, Cooking, TV & more!

Ariarne Titmus is a world champion swimmer and an all-round Aussie legend!

Recently, we had the honour of chatting with the 20-year old superstar.

Over the past few months, Ariarne has been using a variety of Harvey Norman’s state-of-the-art products from big brands including Breville, Dyson, HP, LG and Smeg. We spoke to her about a few of these innovative items, plus got some fun insights into her thoughts on coffee, cooking, television and more.

Photo of Ariarne Titmus.

Ariarne Titmus talks Coffee

Harvey’s HQ: Thanks so much for chatting with us, Ariarne!

Given the delicious aroma of coffee that’s in the air, we’re curious, if you – like most Australians – would consider yourself a coffee connoisseur?

Ariarne Titmus:  I’m definitely a coffee nut. I use my Breville the Oracle Touch Coffee Machine before every training session. I can certainly taste the difference when I’m having good coffee.

Harvey’s HQ: Now, the Breville the Oracle Touch Coffee Machine is one of the products from Harvey Norman that you’ve been using. What’s your favourite thing about it?

Ariarne Titmus: My favourite feature has got to be that you can change the time of your pour. If you want a stronger coffee, you can time this longer. It tells you when the milk is at the right temp so you’re not playing a guessing game!

Breville the Oracle Touch Coffee Machine
Breville the Oracle Touch Coffee Machine


Harvey’s HQ: Do you ever get the opportunity to have a coffee with swimming teammates and opponents after race meets?

Ariarne Titmus:  Yes, I get brekkie after training with my squad mates every week. It’s really the only opportunity I have to catch up with team mates outside of training.

Ariarne Titmus talks Cooking

Harvey’s HQ: Speaking of brekkie – how do you go with cooking? We know another one of the products you’ve been using is a Breville the Bakery Chef Hub Stand Mixer. Do you and the family bake together?

Ariarne Titmus:  I love cooking for my friends and family. In terms of baking, it’s definitely more me baking for the family rather than baking with the family!

Ariarne Titmus using Breville the Bakery Chef Hub Stand Mixer


Harvey’s HQ: What are some of your favourite dinner meals to cook with the family?

Ariarne Titmus:  My favourite meal to cook is a traditional roast. My specialty with the family is roast pork and crackling. It’s easy to do and always works out.

Harvey’s HQ: You’ve been utilising two Smeg steam ovens recently. What have you been enjoying about them?

Ariarne Titmus:  I really like using Smeg’s steam setting. If you’re cooking fish, it feels like you’re eating cleaner as opposed to traditional baking. Having two ovens makes coking in bulk easier, especially when you’re having people around for dinner.

Ariarne Titmus using her Smeg steam oven.
Ariarne Titmus with her Smeg Steam Oven


Harvey’s HQ: Do you find yourself cooking particular foods in the lead up to race meets?

Ariarne Titmus: Prior to racing, things are pretty simple food wise and I keep it fairly plain with plain meat and veggies. I have to steer away from the experimental stuff that I normally have in the middle of the year.

Harvey’s HQ: Who do you reckon is the best chef in Australian swimming?!

Ariarne Titmus:  Can I say myself? I don’t want to be too cocky! I know Eamon Sullivan won Celebrity Masterchef so he has to be up there. Ian Thorpe is going to be in the newest season of Celebrity Masterchef too, so I’ll have to watch and see how he goes.

Ariarne Titmus cooking next to a Smeg steam oven.

Harvey’s HQ:  While we’re still on the topic of the kitchen, can we ask what your favourite cool beverage is to pull out of the fridge after a long day of training?

Ariarne Titmus:  A kombucha. I can’t be too naughty as an athlete so this is as far as I can go!

Harvey’s HQ: You’ve got a fridge from LG’s range set up at your place, which is where you’ve no doubt been storing your kombucha lately! What are some of your favourite features?

Ariarne Titmus:  The LG fridge I have has separate doors for the drinks and condiments sections. This makes it super accessible and easy, especially when I have to get a move on.

Ariarne Titmus standing next to an LG Fridge.
Ariarne Titmus and her LG Fridge


Ariarne Titmus talks TV

Harvey’s HQ: You also have a TV from LG’s TV range. What do you think about it?

Ariarne Titmus:  The TV is huge and it has great picture quality. It’s great for movies and you can definitely tell the difference.



Harvey’s HQ: Do you and the family sit down and watch TV together? What shows do you put on?

Ariarne Titmus:  We definitely watch TV together. My top shows are Married at First Sight, Masterchef and The Bachelor.

Ariarne Titmus talks Style

Harvey’s HQ: Another LG product you have is the LG Styler. How awesome is it?

Ariarne Titmus:  I think my dad loves the LG Styler the most of all! He puts his suits in there to freshen them up. I’ll use the LG styler for outfits when I’m going out. It’s so useful to have this accessible in your own home.

The LG Styler steaming clothes.
The LG Styler


Harvey’s HQ: Speaking of style, we all know chlorine isn’t the most hair-friendly substance in world. But for swimmers, it comes with the territory! How do you style your hair after being in the pool each day?

Ariarne Titmus:  I typically let my hair dry naturally most of the time. I do wash my hair twice a week on my afternoons off and blow dry it on those days with the Dyson Supersonic.

Harvey’s HQ:  On top of the Dyson Supersonic, you’ve also been using the Dyson AirWrap Styler.  How has it aided your hair care routine?

Ariarne Titmus:  The Dyson AirWrap Styler is quick, which is excellent when I’m in a rush. It lets you style your hair damp rather than waiting for it to dry. I have a lot of hair, so, when I need to, it makes it easier to get ready on time.

The Dyson AirWrap Styler and accessories.
Dyson AirWrap Styler


Harvey’s HQ:  Can we ask who you’d give a gold medal to for the best haircut in all of world swimming?!

Ariarne Titmus:  It’s tough to tell when everyone’s hair is normally in a cap! At the moment, I’d give it to Matt Temple, who is currently sporting a mullet.

Harvey’s HQ:  Taking care of hair is time consuming enough, but with your busy schedule it must be almost impossible to style your home and fit in those everyday tasks like cleaning!  How has your Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean vacuum helped with this?

Ariarne Titmus:  I love the Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean Vacuum the most when I’m cooking and have spilt something. I can pull it out and clean it up quickly. My mum doesn’t even notice when I’ve made a mess. It’s easy to use, it’s bagless and the clean-up is minimal.

Ariarne Titmus cleaning with the Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean.
Ariarne Titmus and the Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean Vacuum


Ariarne Titmus talks Technology

Harvey’s HQ:  One final product you have from Harvey Norman’s range is the HP Spectre x360. What can you tell us about this?

Ariarne Titmus: I love how easy the HP Spectre x360 is to carry around and the fact that it’s pretty much a two-in-one device. There is a touch screen and you can flip the keyboard so it easily turns into a tablet.

Ariarne Titmus using the HP Spectre x360 on her dining table.
Ariarne Titmus and the HP Spectre x360


Harvey’s HQ:  Do you ever use technology to complement your training?

Ariarne Titmus: Yes, I sometimes watch races back from clips sent from my sport scientist or on YouTube of other competitors. I’ll also review clips of myself and see how I can improve my technique.

Harvey’s HQ:  Do you find devices essential for keeping up with friends and family when you’re away for competitions?

Ariarne Titmus: 100%. I feel like communication through technology is the best way to keep in touch with people whilst away for swimming competitions. This is especially true with COVID, when you can’t chat to people in person.

Harvey’s HQ: Well, it’s been an absolute privilege for us to chat with you, Ariarne! We wish you all the best and have no doubt you’re going to do Australian swimming proud for many years to come.

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