Blue September – Fighting Cancer In Men

What is Blue September?

So many people lose their battle with cancer simply because they run out of options. Blue September is an international campaign — run across Australia, USA, UK, Ireland and New Zealand — to increase awareness on the facts of cancer. Running for six years, Blue September has raised close to $2,000,000 in Australia alone for cancer research. This year, money collected is going to Australian Prostate Cancer Research and Australian Cancer Research Foundation, directly supporting men with cancer through new treatments, online medical support and cutting edge equipment.


What Are The Stats On Cancer In Men?

  • 50,000+ men are diagnosed with cancer every year and almost half of them die from it.
  • Australia has the highest rate of prostate cancer in the developed world.
  • In 2013, it’s estimated that over 122,000 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer; more than half of these cases are expected to be males.  
  • 20% more men than women are diagnosed with cancer.
  • 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.
  • The cancers that most frequently affect men are: prostate, colon, lung and skin cancer.
  • 1 in 4 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 85.
  • Knowing about these cancers and how they can be prevented or found early can save your life.
  • In recent decades cancer mortality rates have fallen due to vital advances in research


Blue September logo (white on blue)


What Can Men Do To Fight Cancer?

It’s a scary thought, but cancer can be symptomless. Early detection is the best defence – finding cancer before it spreads improves your chances of successful treatment and long-term survival. Here are a few tips on winning the fight:

  • Know yourself, your family history and your risks – prostate cancer is hereditary.   
  • Have regular check-ups and cancer screening tests.
  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Exercise regularly.


What Do Blue September Ambassadors Have To Say?

Blue September is all about raising important funds, for more important research, to keep people alive and stop them dying of cancer” – Sam Stynes (wife of professional AFL player and cancer victim)

“Research is desperately needed in all areas of men’s cancers.  By buying a Blue September wristband from Harvey Norman you are helping us get closer to finding better ways of treating — and even preventing — cancer in men” – Alan Fletcher (actor)

“We’re losing too many dads, brothers and mates to cancer – more research into men’s cancer is really needed. That’s why I am behind Blue September and why I value Harvey Norman’s support. I hope more businesses get behind the campaign” – Mark Holden (singer, actor and barrister)


What Can You Do To Help?

Join Harvey Norman in supporting the fight against men’s cancer. Beginning August and all through September, you can buy a Blue September wristband for $5 from any Harvey Norman store and help raise funds for cancer research. With 193 franchises across Australia, we hope to make a big impact on this year’s campaign.


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