Harvey Norman Raises Money For Autism

Autism — a neural developmental disorder characterised by impaired social interaction and communication — affects lots of Australians, including famous ones. Media personality Chloe Maxwell and her husband, former NRL player Mat Rogers, spoke publically about their son Max’s autism.

The groundswell of support and assistance was so great they started the charity 4 ASD Kids. The goal is to improve the lives of families with children battling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by offering early intervention treatment; this is critical to giving these kids the best chance at reaching their full potential and leading a normal life.

Chloe Maxwell and Ben McIntosh (75)At the Harvey Norman National Franchisee conference in Queensland’s Surfers Paradise on Wednesday 24th July 2013, 4 ASD Kids accepted a $415,700 donation from Harvey Norman. It was presented to Ms Maxwell by Ben McIntosh (both pictured right), Harvey Norman General Manager of Technology and Entertainment. The funds were raised at the bi-annual Harvey Norman Technology and Entertainment charity night held in February this year, attended by franchisees and business partners.

Harvey Norman’s donation will help 4 ASD Kids implement early intervention programs across Australia, expand the capacity of special education facilities, plus provide innovative learning technology such as iPads. “Mat and I are extremely grateful for Harvey Norman’s support of 4 ASD Kids,” said Chloe, “The donated funds will be distributed amongst many families in need and make a huge impact in the wider community”.


10 thoughts on “Harvey Norman Raises Money For Autism

  1. How awesome!! My daughter has Autism and so many parents and families out there struggling to fund therapy. Hope more companies follow suit and show a great example of helping the community.

    1. my 20 year old year old son was diagnosed with Aspbergers when he was 9 years old ( high functioning autism. He is a successful musician and sound engineer .. It great to hear about this.

  2. My son has Asperger’s and could use extra help – but I’ve never even heard of this organisation and there is no way I can be accused of not knowing what help is out there. Why aren’t they better publicised if they are offering much needed services? And early intervention is all well and good – but by the time many kids actually get assessed and diagnosed they are past that point. Are they meant to just slip through the cracks and give up? Sorry but it makes me angry seeing all the funding going towards early intervention – as my son is 12 he’s way past all that but needs help even more as he deals with the stress of teenage hormones and high school change. As a single mum there are serious limits to what I can pay for.

  3. Congratulations on your fantastic donation. As a Mum of 3 boys with Autism, I can say that the money will go a long way to help children and families like my own. Good on you Harvey Norman.

  4. More help & assistance is required in the Regional areas. My granddaughter received very little help in which my daughter had to travel 100’s of miles to receive diagnosis with little to offer via the public health system.

    1. I agree Ruth…our young grandson has been continually assessed and final they have put him in the autism basket..the family live in Regional Victoria and is struggling with getting the continued help he needs. We as a family bought him a tablet for his birthday so I hope this money donated by Harvey Norman finds its way to those who really need it..

  5. As an employee of Harvey Norman and a dad of a son with Asperger’s I am doublely happy with this very generous donation to a extremely worthy cause. Well done Harvey’s

  6. I like this. It’s good to see real giving and support and not done as “token”.
    I am looking to buy a new computer soon and have been looking around which place to buy from. Well, I now know which store I am going to spend my money. You support a good cause, I will support your business.

  7. So wonderful to hear of this initiative. How about putting funds to effective use by more research into QEEG, ERP’s driving Neurofeedback protocols. We have some wonderful improvements with these people using this methodology.

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