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“Devastating doesn’t begin to describe the effects of Motor Neurone Disease.” – Adam Regal, who is living with Motor Neurone Disease and is the face of the END MND national campaign.

What price would you put on your continued ability to dress yourself? To drink your morning coffee? To hug your kids and tell your partner that you love them? What price would you put on your continued ability to achieve the simple, everyday tasks that we take for granted?

Shockingly, for Adam Regal – a young father of two from Kiama, NSW – and other people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), an inability to complete such basic human actions is, or will soon be, a beyond-devastating reality.

“At the moment MND is affecting just my legs, but in time I’ll be unable to complete the simplest tasks like hugging my kids or dressing myself.” – Adam Regal.

Adam Regal with his beautiful family


Motor Neurone Disease is a terminal neurological disease. The disease causes motor neurones – which control the voluntary muscles that enable us to complete some of our most fundamental actions – to rapidly degenerate. People living with MND progressively lose the use of their limbs and their ability to move, speak, swallow and breathe. Ultimately, MND is fatal.

• After receiving a diagnosis of MND, the average life expectancy is between two to three years. In Australia, two people die every day with MND and around 2000 people are currently living with MND nationwide.

• There are no known cures or effective treatments and, in most cases, it’s not known how or why this life-shattering disease has occurred. The funding allocated by MND Australia to the nation’s best researchers enables them to continue to work towards understanding the causes of MND and developing a treatment.

MND_Donate_To_Help_Find_A_CureMND AUSTRALIA

“It may be too late for me, but I’ll do everything I can so future generations never have to go through this. Research provides us with the hope for a future without MND.” Adam Regal.

MND Australia aims to raise awareness and vital funds for their research arm, the MND Research Institute of Australia, through a new national campaign.

The END MND campaign asks us to think about MND and to “put a price” on everyday activities, encouraging everyone to contribute whatever they can in order to fight this truly awful disease.


To help END MND, visit and put a price on it. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Help Fight Motor Neurone Disease

  1. September last year i lost my big sis to this i am still getting over the grief at the moment it was hard to watch my sis go from a vibrant woman to a women that couldn’t do anything with out add my thoughts are with you

  2. It’s a vile disease. We lost our good mate it’s the cruelest thing watching someone slowly waste away. Miss u Daz one day we’ll all be riding in the GTO again.. Keep the seats warm mate..

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