Are You Dreaming of Cosy Bedded Bliss? Warm To These Woollen Quilts

With the colder months well on their way, there’s never been a better time to get your home ready for next season with cosy bedding essentials like a woollen quilt or winter blanket. Made here in Australia using superior-quality local wool, Bambi wool quilts are perfect for winter, offering comfort and warmth while being lightweight and easy to keep clean.

Benefits of a Woollen Quilt

• A natural fibre that breathes for winter warmth, wool is moisture-efficient, making it ideal for warmer climates as well.

• As a natural insulator, a woollen quilt is an ideal all-rounder – lightweight yet with high thermal ability.

• Wool is a sustainable resource.

• Due to being an inert fibre, wool has no electrostatic ability. This means that, unlike feather or down, it does not attract dust, which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Why a Bambi Woollen Quilt?

Made from fleece-type downs wool, the crimp of the natural fibre in Bambi Country Pride and Matilda wool quilts makes them soft and lightweight while still providing the high thermal insulation you need. This ensures you’ll be warm and comfortable throughout winter.

Bambi woollen quilts use wool with a long staple, which enhances the loft and bulk to hold the fill together, while the natural crimp of the wool helps provide an even spread of warmth throughout the bed. Plus, thanks to its memory, the fill returns to its original loft no matter how you sleep on it. In short, Bambi woollen quilts help provide a consistent and comfortable sleep every night.

Additionally, Bambi woollen quilts do not attract dust and are easy to clean. They can be machine washed or dry cleaned to guarantee the elimination of dust mites or bed bugs.

Ultimately, Bambi woollen quilts offer a natural, easy-to-clean and high-quality choice for a warm and comfortable night’s rest for winter and, indeed, throughout the rest of the year.

Experience Complete Warmth With a Winter Blanket

Pair your new Bambi Country Pride or Matilda woollen quilt with a sumptuous Gainsborough Luxury Soft Touch Blanket or Gainsborough Luxury Cotton Waffle Blanket – exclusively available at Harvey Norman – to make your home a cosy winter wonderland this season. Durable and lightweight, these blankets will be sure to help you enjoy comfort and warmth all year round.

Where To Buy Woollen Quilts

Rug up and browse our range of Bambi woollen quilts and Gainsborough blankets online, or head into your local Harvey Norman store and chat to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.



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