Harvey Norman e-Waste Recycling – Recycle Your Old TV

Like cans, glass and paper, televisions shouldn’t ever end up in the trash. Electronic waste — known as “e-waste” — is the phrase used to describe discarded electrical devices. Recycled glass goes into swimming pool surfaces, safety strips on roads and cycleways, plus surface and playground finishes at schools and hospitals.

Harvey Norman is committed to a sustainable future by doing its bit to protect the environment. As an environmentally conscious organisation, we team up with customers, suppliers, governments and the greater community to achieve the best environmental outcomes possible. That includes minimisation of waste; that’s why Harvey’s has a TV recycling scheme. And we realise it’s long-term, so we’re always looking to better our environmental practices and performance.   

So now, when you buy a brand-new television from Harvey Norman’s huge range of TVs, we’ll get rid of your old one for you, with the peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing by the environment. In fact, we give you not one but three easy, eco-friendly options for disposing of your unwanted TV at no cost to you: 

  • TV recyclingCarrier/delivery driver collection – When delivering your new television, we’ll take away your old one.
  • tech2home collection – In conjunction with any TV set-up or wall-mount service, the tech2home technician will remove your old TV after installation of a new one.
  • Drop-off points – Harvey Norman stores offer e-waste recycling collection cages where you can bring in and drop off old television sets.  

Bear in mind, there’s a chance that the tech2home technician may not be able to remove the old TV at the same time due to its size and weight (l televisions larger than 68cm and rear projection TVs are hard going for just one person). However, rest assured that tech2home will arrange for it to be picked up and taken away to a recycling point, even if it requires a second, separate visit. Only TVs will be accepted for return to the e-Waste recycling point. You’ll need to dispose of all other electronic equipment separately.

When you buy your new television from Harvey Norman, you know you’re getting a great deal AND doing the right thing by the environment.

4 thoughts on “Harvey Norman e-Waste Recycling – Recycle Your Old TV

  1. I will be purchasing a new flat panel tv next week, I have 2 old TV’s to dispose of, can I bring them both in when I pick up the new one?

  2. Great work Harvey Norman on your e-waste sustainable recycling!
    It would be fantastic if Australia could reach the 80% recycling mark.

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