Hisense White TV

Hisense Designer Collection TV – Style meets Cutting-Edge Technology

This is a pivotal moment. A turning point.

The way we think about interior design is changing. And a key face of this transformation is the Hisense Designer Collection White 4K UHD TV.

A Modern Statement Piece

Available exclusively at Harvey Norman, Domayne and Joyce Mayne, the Hisense Designer Collection TV is not an ordinary appliance. It’s a statement piece that you can build a whole room around. And that in itself completely changes the concept of what a TV is.

A collaborative undertaking by the tech gurus at Hisense and the design team at Harvey Norman – who live and breathe the world of interior trends – this is state-of-the-art technology that will enrich your home. Its sleek and stylish design is at once both eye-catching and minimalistic, allowing it to stand out or to seamlessly blend in and complement your décor.

With clean lines and a beautifully-contemporary aesthetic, the Hisense Designer Collection TV promises to give any space it’s placed in a fresh sense of character. Sit it front and centre in your lounge room for that wow-factor or harmonise it with the white linen in your bedroom to create a wonderfully welcoming ambience. Available in 43”, 55” and 65” models, you’ll find a design that will enliven your place no matter the size of your room.

State-of-the-Art Technology

From a design perspective, the Hisense Designer Collection TV is stunning.

And from a technology standpoint, this is a TV at the top of its game.

 ► ULED Technology
The 55” and 65” Hisense Designer Collection TVs come fully equipped with ULED technology. This means that the images will look as sharp as the TV’s gorgeous frame. Top-notch colour, contrast, brightness and motion rate serves to make watching the Hisense Designer Collection TV a true pleasure.

 ► 4K Smart TV
If you want to watch and stream the latest shows and movies that are currently available in 4K, then this Hisense TV is your best friend. It’s all made possible thanks to a lightning-fast Smart TV operating system and a user-friendly interface.

 ► Ultra-Slim Display
The super-slim bezel not only plays an integral role in the TV’s striking aesthetic, but also gives you maximised viewing space, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the viewing experience.

Hisense Designer Collection TV Q&A with Andre Iannuzzi – Head of Marketing at Hisense

We were lucky enough to sit down with Andre Iannuzzi from Hisense. Having been there from the beginning of the concept, we took the opportunity to pick his brain about the evolution of the Hisense Designer Collection TV.

The Hisense Designer Collection TV is simply stunning. What was the inspiration behind the design?

The Hisense Designer Collection TV is a fusion of style and function that’s inspired by our connection with technology. We’ve been eager to encapsulate our passion for technology while refreshing the perception of an evolving living space. The result is a TV with a minimalistic white colour finish that integrates naturally in your home.

What were some of the most important considerations given throughout the design process?

We looked for inspiration from some of our most popular consumer requests as well the latest movements in design minimalism; form, function, material, texture and colour must work in harmony to inspire a shared singular outcome. Without these elements the Hisense Designer Collection TV wouldn’t exist.

You’ve been there from the beginning, when the Hisense Designer Collection TV was just an idea on a piece of paper. Are you impressed with how spectacular the final product has turned out?

Collaboration on a design is a beautiful experience. When a scribble in a note pad – which was once just a thought in passing – becomes a dream come true, well, it’s only possible if you’re surrounded by the right talent. Combining the various expertises from our Hisense Industrial Design Centre and Harvey Norman’s furniture and design team, as well as the technology expertise from Harvey Norman’s Electrical department, have resulted in the Hisense Designer Collection TV – a true testament to attention to detail in style and technology.

What are your favourite features of the TV?

From a technology standpoint, the stunning 4K UHD picture quality on 4K content and ease of use of the smart user interface top the list. When looking at the Hisense Designer Collection TV, it’s a bold statement that features unmatched style and quality which deserves a space that’s equally premium.

Who do you envision owning a Hisense Designer Collection TV?

We envision it appealing to people like us, who take inspiration from the latest interior design trends; those looking to blend technology into their living environment. It will appeal greatly to individuals that respond instinctively to form, aesthetics and quality while having a strong connection to functionality.

Talk us through the way the Hisense Designer Collection TV has evolved the role of the TV in the home.

A television is more than the latest technology placed in a living space to entertain us with movies, TV shows and our favourite sporting events. From a design perspective, the television and its technology need to blend into our living environments both in style and function. The attention to detail and white colour finish of the Hisense Designer Collection TV is a response to a growing trend in design minimalism, distilled down to the essential which gives way to simplistic beauty without distraction. We see the Hisense Designer Collection TV as a reflection of the changing role of the TV in the home. It’s technology that blends into the living space without distraction to create an amazing contemporary design.

Hisense Designer Collection TV Q&A with Allison Mueller – Interior Stylist

Another person we recently had the pleasure of chatting with was interior stylist Allison Mueller. All the beautiful photos of the Hisense Designer Collection TV that you’ve seen here are the result of Allison’s work as the photo shoot’s stylist – which is why we couldn’t wait to hear her perspective on this transformative television.

We love what you did with the Hisense Designer Collection TV! Having had firsthand experience styling with it, what décor do you think complements the TV?

I’ve got to say that, honestly, I think any décor would suit the Hisense Designer Collection TV, just as its sleek styling would complement any home.

What considerations would you give when deciding which size Hisense Designer Collection TV (43”, 55”, 65”) will work best with your home?

The size of the Hisense Designer Collection TV that you choose should be determined by the size of your room. Consider how far away your furniture is. The larger the room, the larger the screen.

Do you have some tips on how to maximise the stylistic impact of your Hisense Designer Collection TV?

This TV does not need to be hidden away in a cabinet! Its lines are so simple and beautiful – to maximise its impact, just leave it out on show.

What were some of your favourite moments of the Hisense Designer Collection TV photo shoot?

I love working with black and white colour palettes. This shoot was so visually interesting given everything was white. It’s so intriguing seeing how the light plays on the products, creating different shadows and brightness.


The Best TV to Transform Your Place

Let the Hisense Designer Collection TV enrich your home with its modern visual vibe and state-of-the-art technology. Shop online or see it in person by simply heading into your local Harvey Norman store, where our friendly, expert staff can help you with any enquiries that you have!