Interchangeable Lens Cameras – Moving Off Auto Into The Night

Today’s Interchangeable Lens Cameras are easy to use, extremely advanced and allow us to achieve what we thought was not possible, or too technical.

The auto setting is designed by camera-makers to produce great snapshots in most conditions, most of the time, quickly and easily, without missing the shot. When the auto setting is pushed into technically difficult conditions you can see how well today’s ILC sensors actually perform, especially when compared to compact cameras or worse, mobile phones with smaller sensors. They employ the latest light metering and sensor technology to deliver very good results in a wide range of conditions.

Interchangeable Lens Cameras – Moving Off Auto Into The Night

One of the benefits of using an Interchangeable Lens Camera is that you can easily control shutter speeds and aperture settings. The longer the shutter is open the more light is allowed to ‘expose’ the image sensor, and with these longer exposure times we can capture the effect of movement and also capture stunning night photography.

Night photography is easier than most people think. You need an ILC, a tripod, a cable release and some time! Shots at night are typically taken with a 45-second to one minute exposure on an ISO setting of 100 and aperture setting of F11. Keeping the shutter open for the amount of time records a lot of movement and you can see the ‘light trails’ created by passing cars. Using an aperture setting of F11 means you maximise the depth of field, keeping as much of the image in focus, which is the opposite to a portrait effect. A tripod is essential to keep the camera steady and we use low ISO settings to minimise ‘noise’, which is that grainy effect you see in high ISO settings or small sensors in mobile phones at night.

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