Printpix Photography Series – Basic Camera Terminology

Putting together photo albums online using your Facebook photographs is super-easy with printpix by Harvey Norman. Beginning at just $19.99 and conveniently delivered to you, it’s super-affordable, too. Have a look at Harvey Norman’s range of cameras, then familiarise yourself with this list of essential photography terms brought to you by the printpix Photography Series – you’ll be speaking like a pro photographer in no time:

  • Printpix Photography Series – Basic Camera Terminology Aperture – The hole inside the camera lens that lets light through.
  • Depth of field – The part of a scene that’s in focus in the photograph.
  • Exposure – It’ defined by three things: (1) The period of time that the sensor is exposed to light; (2) The aperture setting which controls how much light is allowed through the lens; and (3) The sensitivity setting of the sensor (i.e. ISO100 is less sensitive than ISO 400).
  • Flash – Produces artificial light to illuminate a scene. It can be built into the camera or an external attachment.
  • ISO – Represents how sensitive the image sensor is to the amount of light present.
  • Shutter blades – This is the “curtain” behind the lens and in front of the sensor. The shutter determined the actual exposure time.
  • Zoom – Lets you “zoom in” for a close-up or “zoom out” for a wide-angle view of your subject.


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