Right on time

    Power through housework with the Dyson V11 Outsize, a streamlined deep-cleaning machine.


    From top: the Dyson V11 Outside cleaner head compared with the V11 Absolute Extra cleaner head.


    Want to blitz vacuuming the entire house? The V11 Outsize is Dyson's most powerful cord-free stick vacuum. The dust bin is 150 percent larger, the cleaner head is 25 percent wider than the V11 Absolute Extra and the rechargeable battery pack is interchangeable. All these features add up to a stylish, super-sized vacuum that's primed to go the distance and clean a family home.


    Featuring the innovative Dynamic Load Sensor system, the Dyson V11 Outsize vacuum controls the motor position 360 times per second, adjusting the motor speed between floor surfaces. This technology optimises the run time and power for an effortless complete clean. The cleaner head with its carbon-fibre filaments removes dust and debris from floor, fast.


    From top: the Dyson V11 Outsize dust bin; V11 Absolute Extra dust bin.


    The clever Dyson V11 Absolute Extra is set to become your new household must-have. It has an upgraded battery and is powered by a small motor that communicates with the High Torque cleaner head. Choose from three modes and switch as needed: Auto detects different flooring, such as carpet, rugs or hard surfaces, and adjusts the power to suit; Eco is for longer cleaning jobs; and Boost is for tackling ground-in dirt.


    The Dyson V11™ Absolute Extra vacuum has a larger, improved battery, which is interchangable. Additional battery sold as an optional extra.

    Dyson Brush Up


    With a 125,000 rpm digital motor housed in the brush bar, cleaning is a cinch, even when it comes to sharp corners and tricky edges.

    Dyson v11
    Balance of Powers

    Balance of powers

    Super intelligent, incredibly powerful and with real-time updates.

    Balance of Powers Auto Mode


    The Dyson V11™ vacuum handles terrain change. In Auto mode, the Dynamic Load Sensor system detects surfaces and adjusts to give the optimal balance of power and run time.

    Balance of Powers Eco Mode


    Ready to get cleaning? Make the most of the battery's run time in Eco mode, giving you longer-lasting, fade-free cleaning power for up to 60 minutes**.

    Balance of Powers Boost Mode


    Boost mode has the mighty suction you need to clean dirty surfaces, thick carpet and perhaps a small mountain of pet hair!

    Balance of Powers Self Diagnosis


    Intelligent and low-maintenance, the Dyson V11™ Absolute Extra vacuum displays an alert on screen if there's a blockage or when the filter needs changing.

    Go Go Gadgets

    Go-go gadgets

    Tough on dirt. Wherever it hides.

    Go Go Gadgets Accessory


    From the High Torque cleaner head, Soft Roller cleaner head, Mini motorised tool, Combination tool, Stubborn dirt brush, Crevice tool, Mini soft dusting brush and Wand storage clip, the Dyson V11 Outsize and V11 Absolute Extra vacuums come with an attachment for every vacuuming task – dust, dirt, pet hair and more don’t stand a chance.

    Go Go Gadgets Details


    Dyson's unique 'point and shoot' mechanism saves you getting your hands dirty. It hygienically ejects dust and debris deep into your bin in one simple, clean action.

    Shop Accessories

    Form and function

    It's easy to clean up your act! Here, a guide to three good-looking, hard-working Dyson vacuums.

    Dyson Purple Reign


    Designed with three power modes, bigger bin and 60 minutes of fade-free suction, the Dyson V10 Animal+ vacuum suits all floors. To make things handier, it quickly transforms into a handheld vacuum in just one click. It comes with a Combination tool, Stubborn dirt brush, Mini motorised tool, Mini soft dusting brush, Crevice tool and Flexi-crevice tool.

    Dyson Pet Perfrect


    For households with pets, the Dyson V8 Animal Extra vacuum is a lifesaver when it comes to removing pet hair and allergens easily with 40 minutes of fade-free suction for flexible cleaning. As well as the versatile Direct Drive cleaner head, it comes with a Combination tool, Crevice tool, Mini motorised tool, Soft dusting brush and Low reach adaptor.

    Dyson Power Up


    With a powerful Direct Drive cleaner head and 30 minutes of fade-free suction, the Dyson V7 Motorhead vacuum makes short work of removing dirt from carpet and hard floors as well as hard-to-reach places. Choose MAX mode for up to six minutes of high power or Powerful mode for longer cleaning. It comes with a Combination tool and Crevice tool.

    Clean machines

    Whether it's a barrel or upright design, these top models from Dyson will help make vacuuming a joy.

    Dyson Clean Machines Curves Ahead


    The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Origin vacuum has a curved body - it can right itself if it tips over - and is designed to remove dirt on hard floors and carpets. Just switch between the two at a push of a pedal.

    Dyson A Helping Hand


    Looking for a portable, versatile vacuum that can be used around the house or for cleaning your car's interiors? The handheld, cord-free Dyson V7 Trigger™ spins at up to 110,000 rpm, creating powerful suction so it can remove dirt and debris no matter how awkward the space. It comes with two tools.

    Dyson To The Max


    The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor+™ vacuum features Dyson Radial Cyclone™ technology to maximise suction, a cleaner head that adjusts to varying floor types and an instant-release wand to make cleaning high places easier. It comes with three tools.

    *Suction tested to IEC 62885-2 CL 5.8 at the inlet, tested in Boost mode.
    **Applies in Eco mode when using a non-motorised tool.
    1Compared to the Dyson V8 Animal cord-free stick.
    2Stated run time applies in suction mode one with non-motorised tools attached.
    3Stated run time applies in Powerful mode with non-motorised tools attached.

    Dyson Pure HOT+COOL Breath of fresh air

    Breath of fresh air

    Enjoy pure air at home, thanks to the all-in-one Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Purifying Fan Heater.

    Dyson Pure HOT+COOL


    Air pollution can be a problem in our cities, and it's not restricted to outdoors – in fact, the average home can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside4. After engineering vacuums that leave floors and surfaces spotless, Dyson has turned its attention to purifying the very air we breathe. The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Purifying Fan Heater monitors air quality and adjusts airflow accordingly, for ocean-fresh air in the comfort of your own home – at the temperature you want5.

    Dyson Pure HOT+COOL Connectivity


    Be in control of the air that you breathe with the Dyson app, which lets you manage the machine directly from your device6.

    Dyson Pure HOT+COOL Supersensors


    The machine automatically recognises airborne particles and gases, diagnoses them and then reports in real time. Job done.

    Dyson Pure HOT+COOL Finest Filters


    Gases such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and benzene are captured, as well as 99.95 per cent of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants7.

    Total control

    No matter the season, you can stay cool or heat things up with the Dyson range of fans and heaters.

    Dyson Tower Power White


    With Air Multiplier™ technology, which delivers more than 290 litres per second of purified air throughout a room8, and a fully sealed filter system, the Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan will help keep your home free of pollutants9 while it cools you on thosesteamy days. And so you can get a good night's sleep, it has a Night-time mode with a quieter setting and dimmed display.

    Dyson Tower Power
    Dyson Work It Out
    Dyson Work It Out


    Keep your cool while you're working with the Dyson Pure Cool™ Desk Fan. It weighs in at less than five kilos, but is a heavyweight when it comes to features. The fan has activated carbon filters to remove gases10, sealed HEPA filters to capture 99.95 per cent of ultrafine particles, such as allergens and pollutants11, and Air Multiplier™ technology that circulates purified air around the room12.


    If you're looking for an appliance that multi-tasks, the Dyson Hot+Cool™ Heater fits the bill. Designed to be used year-round, the fan heater warms rooms evenly, and in summer, it can cool down a space, fast. Switch between hot and cool modes with the easy-to-use remote control, which also allows you to precisely control the temperature in heating mode.

    Dyson Double Duty
    Dyson Fan Club


    If you've suffered through hot summer days and nights, it could be time to opt for one of the coolest appliances around – the Dyson Cool™ Tower Fan. Ten precise airflow settings, a built-in oscillation function, and sleep timer ensure cool air circulates throughout the room just when you need it.

    Dyson On The Quiet


    Control the temperature in your space with the Dyson Cool™ AM06 Desk Fan. It's designed to offer powerful airflow, is 75 per cent quieter than previous models and has a sleep timer with preset intervals from 15 minutes to nine hours so you control when it turns off.

    4Supported by data from the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research, 2009.
    5Heater and fan; not an air-conditioning unit.
    6Requires device to run app, wi-fi or mobile data, Bluetooth 4.0 support, and iOS version 10 or Android version 5 (or above). Standard data and messaging rates may apply.
    7Tested to JEM 1467 (acetic acid, acetaldehyde, ammonia), GB/T18801 (formaldehyde, benzene) and DTM-003282 (NO2). Capture rates vary. Tested for filtration efficiency at 0.1 microns (EN1822).
    8In maximum setting. Tested to Dyson internal test method TM-003711 in a 27m2 room and DTM801.
    9Tested for filtration efficiency (EN1822) at 0.1 microns and ‘’excellent’’ whole room coverage (TM-003711 and DTM801) in a 27m2 room.
    10Based on TM-002234 test standard. Testing performed by Dyson in-house, under prescribed test conditions, measuring ability to kill bacteria (E. coli) in-product.
    11Suction test based on IEC60312-1, 5.8 and 5.9 loaded to bin full.
    12Tested to Dyson internal test method TM-003711 in a 27m2 room.

    Dyson AirWrap Hair Apparent

    Now That's a Wrap


    The must-have multi-tasker, Dyson’s Airwrap smooths, dries, curls and waves your hair for a styling solution you’ll love.

    Dyson Apparent Curls and Waves


    The Dyson Airwrap is powered by a digital V9 motor which harnesses an aerodynamic phenomenon called the Coanda effect. This attracts and wraps hair around the barrel — without extreme heat — to achieve loose, beachy waves or voluminous curls.

    Dyson Apparent Curls and Waves


    Featuring attachments for different styles, the Airwrap smoothing brushes attract hair to the surface of the brush and propel air along the strands of your hair, like a professional blow-dry. The Airwrap can style and dry simultaneously by combining the moisture in your hair with controlled heat and powerful airflow – like a magic wand for your hair!

    Dyson AirWrap
    Dyson AirWrap Hair Apparent

    Your Hair-Drying Superhero


    Delivering fast drying and supreme styling without damaging heat, the Dyson Supersonic helps you achieve sleek and smooth or curly and voluminous looks — and everything in between.

    Dyson Digital Motor V9


    Small and sensationally powerful, the Dyson Supersonic digital motor sits inside the handle, perfectly balancing the dryer’s weight. With ultra-fast drying capability, three precise speed settings, four heat settings and temperatures moderated 40 times per second to avoid heat damage — the Supersonic puts the control in your hands. Add your preferred attachment and you’re good to blow-dry!


    Available in White/Silver; Fuchsia/Iron; and Black/Nickel.

    Dyson Supesonic Colour

    Dyson Supesonic

    Shop Supersonic

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    Special Price: $799 Ends 16.5.21
    Dyson V10 Animal+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    With powerful performance and various included accessories, the Dyson V10 Animal+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile tool for conveniently...


    With powerful performance and various included accessories, the Dyson V10 Animal+ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile tool for conveniently eliminating dust, dirt, and pet dander throughout your home.

    Free store pick up or Australia wide delivery
    Special Price: $449
    Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    Made with a powerful V7 digital motor, comprehensive filter setup, and an adaptable design, the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner...

    Made with a powerful V7 digital motor, comprehensive filter setup, and an adaptable design, the Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a suitable choice for cleaning different areas of your home, or even inside your car.

    Free store pick up or Australia wide delivery
    Special Price: $699 SAVE $102
    Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Purifier Fan Heater - Black Nickel

    Minimise allergens and pollutants in your home while simultaneously circulating hot or cool air with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Purifier...

    Amazing Deal

    Minimise allergens and pollutants in your home while simultaneously circulating hot or cool air with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ Purifier Fan Heater. Featuring activated carbon filters, built-in sensors, and smart integration with the Dyson Link app*, it’s a leap forward in air purifier technology.

    Free store pick up or Australia wide delivery
    Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener - Black Nickel/Fuchsia

    Look and feel confident as you go to your day-to-day engagements, thanks to the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener’s professional styling...

    Look and feel confident as you go to your day-to-day engagements, thanks to the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener’s professional styling performance and variable heat levels packed in a travel ready design. Its weight is balanced in your hand for easy handling and optimum control when styling.

    • The only straightener with flexing plates that shape to gather hair
    • Flexing plates let you style with reduced reliance on heat
    • Enhanced styling – less frizz, fewer flyaways*
    • Use corded or cord-free for more versatility’
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Intelligent heat control

    Learn more about the benefits of the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener in our latest blog post: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/blog/fitness-personal-grooming/dyson-corrale-review-a-hair-straightener-but-not-as-you-know-it/

    Free store pick up or Australia wide delivery
    Dyson About

    About Dyson

    Dyson was founded in 1993 with the creation of the world’s first bagless vacuum cleaner—a product that revolutionised the floorcare market.

    Dyson has since grown to become one of the world’s most recognisable brands and its name is now synonymous with innovation, design quality and reliability.

    Dyson Australia offers an extensive range of powerful and technologically advanced vacuum cleaners, fans, purifiers and other airflow products that can help you maintain a more comfortable, safe and hygienic home.

    Contact Dyson

    8-10 Mangrove Lane, Taren Point, Sydney, NSW 2229

    Phone: 1800 239 766


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